Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We had a surprisingly great Halloween.  I had had no idea what to expect but KAUST put on a nice little party for everyone on the 28th.  This was a Thursday so it was the "Saturday" of our weekend.  The party was from 4-6 and then we went trick or treating.  Houses that welcomed trick or treaters put a Jack-O-Lantern sign on their door.  At the party we got to decorate cookies, make guesses for candy filled jars, paint pumpkins (which were actually very large gourds), and do Halloween arts and crafts.  There were other events happening, but these were the ones we chose to do.  The girls really enjoyed themselves and since it was located in KAUST's day care building the twins got to play on some fun toddler sized play equipment. 

Marcella and Theresa made their beautiful fairy costumes.  All four kids wore green, which believe it or not we did not plan; it just happened, so I guess we had a particularly "go green" Halloween this year!  How fitting since the fairy costumes were made from a recycled school posterboard and other recycled house items like foil. 

My only complaint about the whole thing was the heat.  The evening was actually quite cool but the party was held in and enclosed play area and there were so many people.  Everyone was sweating and practically gasping for air.  I was drenched.  There was just no air moving.  It was so refreshing to be in the open air when we left.  Hopefully next year the festivities will be held in a field or someplace where air can circulate better. 

Casey took the girls trick or treating and I stayed home with the twinners to hand out treats.  There were so many trick or treaters that we actually ran out of candy and had to raid our pantry.  The twins loved running to the door to see the next batch of kids all dressed up.  The girls brought home a nice stash of goodies- KAUST families were very generous!

Two sweet little fairies biking to the party!

Twinner Party Hang Out

Marcella has a loose tooth!  She is so excited about this-it is her first loose tooth.  She has actually "graduated" to a new Arabic class and as a reward her Arabic teacher let her pick a prize.  She chose a little fairy and immediately made this fairy a little fairy house:

Theresa has become quite the little puzzler!  She loves them and now does 100-150 piece puzzles.  She gets home an hour before Marcella so she and I have about 30 minutes of one-on-one time.  We usually play school with her being the teacher.  I love this because she has such a cute little teacher voice and I get to be the good kid.  Sometimes we do puzzles and baking too.  It is a very nice quiet time.  Casey and I really have to work at making alone time for each of the kids so this time is very precious to me.