Monday, January 31, 2011

Hanging Out in KAUST

As I previously said, we are basically just enjoying life.  Here are some day to day pictures of us Smiths.  You'll see Theresa and Daddy as twins for the day, Ring Around the Rosies Twins, Fancy Eb, and a picture we call "Eben Loves Whipping Cream."  In the Ring Around the Rosies picture you will notice Eleanor has an expired passport book in her lap.  She loves this little book and reads it all the time- usually to the tune of "Go Dog Go."  In the Fancy Eb picture he is pointing to the beautiful ring sewn onto the glove- he is so proud to be able to wear high heels.

Getting Crafty

Not much has been happening here other than day to day so I thought I'd show you all a few of our latest crafty moments.  Theresa finished her first sewing project with felt: an adorable penguin!  Marcella brought home a rather large piece she did in art class we call "Sensory Marcella."  We had some extra garlic and decided to see if it would take root which it did.  The picture shows our garlic plant next to a sweet play dough flower Marcella assembled.