Monday, March 26, 2012

A Small Part of the World

Marcella participated in the school's first musical last week entitled "A Small Part of the World."  The performming arts teacher here is incredible; I have never attended a performance of hers that did not bring tears to my eyes. The opening song did it here as did the kids singing "Schlaf, Kindlein, Schlaf." 

This particular performance was performed soley by the choir and had a few acting parts.  The children were learning about the world through song.  The venue was the secondary school's concert hall with theater style seating-which made it a very special night.

Mommy's Helper

Eben is becomming our newest kitchen helper.  He always wants to help and sometimes just setting the table is not enough so recently I had him wash the black beans and lettuce as well as tear the lettuce for our salad.

Sticky Tape

After watching the Dora the Explorer "Sticky Tape" episode, I had a little exercise involoving tape with the twins.  It was fun but we will need many more such exercises with tape before we are tape masters....

Book Character Day

Check out our little readers on Book Character Day!  Marcella was Laura from the Little House series and Theresa was Kate from the Cowgirl Kate and Cocoa series.


Last week a dust cloud settled over the region.  I heard it reached as far as Pakistan.  We all wore masks and there was no recess at school for the worst two out of the four days it lasted.  The good thing about the cloud was that it blocked the sun so the temperature was at least a little cooler.

St. Joseph's Table

We made a sweet little St. Joseph's Day Table on the 19th in honor of the patron saint of fathers and carpenters.  All of the table's accessories are pretty small so it took all eight little hands to find everything in our Playmobil bins....

Rainbow Toast

For snack on St. Patrick's Day we had Rainbow Toast.  I found this idea on another mom's blog and thought I would try it.  The kids all loved it.  All you do is toast some bread and then dye evaporated milk.  The kids took turns painting with each color and then topped off their creations with colored sugar sprinkles.