Tuesday, November 9, 2010

New Heights

We have had a nice mellow week so far.  One of our outings this week was to a climbing wall here at the rec center.  Marcella actually made quite a climb.  She is usually so timid about new things, but she was raring to go!
Go Marcella, go!!!
Nice Sand

Helmet Head Eb
"Mommy, I'm not sure if these shoes have been sterilized." 

Here are some more book friends I've added to the twinner's wall:

 "Spot" and "Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb Monkey"

The kids were all coughing a lot last week and the twins had accompanying runny noses.  This has actually been happening with them all on and off since we arrived.  Casey and I took them all down to the clinic for a second trip and only Marcella seemed to have any real issues-mild bronchitis.  The doctor gave us some natural floral/herb elixirs and their coughs have lessened somehat but the twins noses still run at times.  After talking with other friends having similar issues we decided to have our ac cleaned, filters changed, etc.  We also had a mold check which came up negative but a lot of dust was found left over from construction work.  The ac systems here are ductless so this dust is blowing right in our rooms.  A crew came and cleaned all this dust out and actually cut a hole in our livingroom to clean more thoroughly.  Now the noses do not run so much but at certain places we still have nose issues.  It appears we will just have to make do with this allergy.  Luckily it comes and goes.