Friday, March 1, 2013

Hoofprints in the Sand

Theresa and I went on a brand new excursion to our compound this past weekend.....Jeddah horse stables.  It was a great morning, with a little cloud cover and not too hot.  Transportation was provided and the hope is that there will be two trips to the stables a month. 

Theresa was the only one riding and actually got to ride two ponies, Beauty and Caramel.  Caramel is actually a retired circus pony and they could make her smile. 

The stables had a few pure bred Arabians which were gorgeous.  I was surprised at how small these horses are.  At these stables the Arabians are used for show and not ridden.  Our instructor said that it is quite rare to find a pure bred Arabian; most are actually Thoroughbred mixes and therefore slightly larger.  The last picture shows Theresa petting the one we got to see. 

Please do not be upset by seeing Theresa without a helmet.  I was next to her the whole time and had let another child use the helmet since this child was riding alone (the parent was riding with the adults).  If we continue this and she chooses to ride without me next to her, she will have a helmet!

Bike Race

A week after the triathalon the girls and twins entered the annual bike races here.  This is a fun event that we have attended every year.  This year Theresa placed first in her age group for girls! 

When we got home the girls immediately made medals for the twins and awarded them "First Place Twins" medals since they were the only twins racing. 

First Triathalon

Our compound hosted its first Iron Kids Triathalon in February.  The girls decided to enter and they were so happy they did!  They were so proud of themselves after completing it. 

The distances for swimming, biking, and running are determined by age and Marcella and Theresa fell into the same age category.  Each girl had to swim one lap, get out, bike two laps in the streets, and then run a lap around the track.  All this is done in bathing suits and no socks, which if you've never done this, you should.  Then you will know just how uncomfortable running and biking in a wet suit, no socks is.....but they did it and we are so very proud of them. 

Marcella came in third in their group for girls.  All children got completion certificates, which was nice, because they all worked really hard at finishing and some, like our girls, had spent a few weeks training and getting ready for the event.