Sunday, September 25, 2011

Germany Trip- Lochmuehle

Lochmuehle is an enchanting children's fun park located near Julia and Frank's house.  Most of the rides are man-powered using pedals or wheels.  A lot of the more mechanical rides are started by the rider pushing a button or pulling a cord.  It was fantastic and the time of year we visited the park made it even better- flowers were blooming, bees were buzzing, the garden area was in full production- it was like a fairy tale land.   I have never seen so many bees.  Eben and Eleanor both got stung but neither is allergic and it caused minimal pain.  My favorite rides were the donkeys because it was funny to bump along on them, and I really liked the tractors.  The tractors moved through this incredible garden and Eben could have spent the whole time there.  He felt like he was truly driving a real tractor.  We spent the whole day there and never once did we hear a complaint or fuss.  There were no lines so the kids could ride the rides as much as they wanted and towards the end we even let the girls go ride on their own while we adults had a little coffee breakas Eben and Eleanor slept.

These pictures do not do Lochmehle justice, but hopefully you will get an idea at how charming a place the park was.  Thank you soooooo much Julia and Frank!!!!!!!!