Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Red Sea Snorkel

I'm finally getting around to posting about our Spring Break snorkel trip.  It was quite an adventure.  Before going several families had told how great it was and kid friendly because the boat stops near an island (sand bar) and the kids can get off and run around a bit while the parents take turns going to the reef.  Well, on our particular trip this did not happen due to a few scuba divers on board.  The divers were part of a class that had missed a trip due to the dust storms and needed deeper waters so we did not get to stop at an island.  The trip was from 9 to 3 and our kids were so good for not being able to leave the boat.  Marcella did get off and attempted to snorkel but quickly returned when she saw all the jellyfish.  The jellyfish were actually safe and neither Casey nor I got stung despite the fact that they were everywhere but to a kid they can be quite daunting.

Unfortunately the trip was very choppy and we made the mistake of sitting on the top level of the boat on the way to the reef.  We all were terribly seasick because the boat was rocking so much.  On the return we were on the main deck and this was much better.  The kids loved the sandwiches and ceasar salads that were provided and Marcella and Theresa made some new friends among the crew.

The reef was quite beautiful although it was not as colorful as I am sure other reefs are.  The fish had vibrant colors and almost looked unreal.  The choppiness of the water disappears once you submerge and Casey and I found it so peaceful.  We hope to go again and this time book the trip with other families so that we are sure to make an island stop.