Tuesday, February 5, 2013

It's a Secret

The twins at separate times made cards all on their own for each other.  They both wanted to hide the card made in the other's backpack.  It was the cutest thing and so "secretive."

Four Our Twins

Twins turned four!  What a fun day we had!  We looked at birth pictures and pictures through these last few years.  We played and played with new toys and read new books.  We went to their favorite playground and played Duck, Duck, Goose and had Scavenger Hunts.  They each had their own cake: Princess and Train.  We love you twinners!

And She Can Tie Shoes Now!

I finally got around to teaching Theresa to tie.  She had her little Joseph doll with her at lunch and I looked at his shoes with laces and said, "We need to teach you to tie."  She got it in less than a minute. 

Theresa's First Lost Tooth

The tooth was loose in December and finally came out while eating a cookie!  She was so surprised!