Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Open House at the Fire Station

Our local Fire Station hosted an awesome open house last weekend.  It was definitely the most interactive fire station trip I've ever been on.  Kudos to our wonderful firemen for making it all possible!  Even the weather cooperated; we had the coolest weather we've had since our return from the summer.  What made it maybe 95 rather than 100 was the air was drier!  On a side note it has felt incredibly hot due to the humidity.  No rain, but loads of humidity.  Anyways, for this event we enjoyed slightly cooler weather.
Portable Toxic Wash Station

Hose Spraying Practice

Uniform Sizing

Portable, Inflating Cast

Fire Extinguisher Fun

Rescue Rangers

Ambulance Exploration

And Our Favorite:
Foam Fun!

The firemen made rainbows using their tall extension ladder and hose.