Saturday, September 10, 2011

Germany Trip 2011- Guest Haus Loh

At the end of August we were fortunate to make a quick trip to Germany to visit some friends.  It was such a pleasant trip and our hosts, the Lohs were fabulous.  I have known Julia for more than twenty years now.  She and I were exchange students one summer in high school and have kept up since then.  She and her husband, Frank, have a three year old named Annica.  They live in a small community called Duttenhofen and graciously gave us their house each evening (they slept next door with Frank's parents).  All five children were so well behaved throughout our stay and Annica was so kind to share her toys and let our kids take over her room.  We are looking forward to more European adventures with them in the near future!

My Germany trip entries will start with our first afternoon.  Frank's parents have an incredible garden and orchard- apple, plum, cherry, hazelnut, and more.  Everything was in full production and the kids were able to pick apples and plums on a daily basis.  Each morning we had garden tomatoes with Rosemary sea salt and the dinner salads were a real treat.  One of my favorite desserts as a child was Pflaumen Kuchen baked by my grandmother, Gonka, and guess what we had in Duttenhofen?????  I couldn't believe it.  The Lohs put whipping cream on their Kuchen making it even better than I remembered.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Twins First Day of Building Blocks

We started the twins at daycare a few days before we left for Germany to get them introduced to the idea of attending.  The picture shows a happy little duo but we are still seeing tears with Eben.  He is having a real tough time with the whole daycare thing although Eleanor is enjoying herself.  My library assisant job will no longer be everyday so this should help.  Another mom and I will be splitting the position.  This will be much better for twins.  The daycare will give them a good outlet in this small community and I will have a chance to practice my library skills and we will still be together fo a large portion of the week. 

Theresa's 5th Birthday!!!

We are back from Texas after an incredible summer filled with family fun and Schlitterbahn.  We landed on the 10th of August and took a few days to get over jet lag.  On the 18th we celebrated Theresa's 5th birthday!!!!!  She really wanted to go to the beach, so we did that in the morning and then the girls and I got dressed in party dresses for the rest of the day.  Our party game was hide and seek- these KAUST houses are perfect for this game.  Her meal was pizza and her cake was Granny's pineapple cake- delicious!

The last picture I had to add because I feel it is one of Theresa's most impressive piles ever- The Breyer Horse Pile.  She is still making her piles and this one included all our breyers and accessories as well as paper dolls, Barbies, and large plastic animals.  She worked on this the day after we returned.