Saturday, October 22, 2011

Germany Trip Finale

I have finally gotten to the end of our Germany Trip photos.  Below you will see a series of pictures taken in Wetzlar and Braunfels.  A trip to our Vaterland would not have been complete without a visit to Schloss Braunfels.  This was our only castle to visit and it made quite an impression on all four children.  We got to see armor, impressive paintings of past royalty, climb the winding stairs in the castle's tallest tower, and toured the beautiful grounds.  The tour guide let the girls help her switch out castle slipper bins- I think this was their favorite part!  Marcella let Julia braid her hair- doesn't she look adorable?

On our last day, we took the train in to Wetzlar for a quick tour of the city.  The day was brisk and cool and we had such a pleasant time walking thorugh the old part of the city.  We came across a little ship playground which was identical to one we have here in KAUST (although the Wetzlar one is in a far better woodsy location).  On our way to lunch we tried to take the lift to the Ministry of Magic, but we must have dialed the wrong number....Our lunch was at the quaintest bier garten. Casey and I actually got to sit and visit while the kids played on the Bier Garten's playscape!  The restaurant had buckets and shovels and the playscaspe had a pulley and great slide so the kids were in heaven and played away.  It was situated right on the Lahn with the Dom in the background.  We were there for over two hours!