Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Eleanor's First Haircut

We took Eleanor in for her very first haircut.  She was a perfect little angel for this big event.  She sat still and did just what the nice hairdresser told her to do.  I was wondering if people would still want to take her picture now that her long goldens are gone but no worries there; since this day she has had her picture taken at least three times.  We all think she looks adorable with her new do!

International Day Parade

Last week was International week in the schools and the final event was the parade.  Marcellas knew as soon as Eben opened his new cowboy outfit that she was going to wear it for the parade.  All four schools here participate as well as community members.  We did this last year and it was neat to see how the community has grown.  This year we got to march into the field with drums which was a nice touch.

Lady of Lourdes

We celebrated Our Lady of Lourdes after the twins' birthday by making lovely cocoa krispie grottos and using playmobil figures for Mary and St. Bernadette.  The girls loved the roses in the story and were so impressed by the fact that St. Bernadette found the spring.  In Girl Scouts there has been a focus on water conservation so this story tied right in with their learning.