Monday, September 24, 2012

Surprises All Around

Marcella came home from school with an egg to take care of the same day these three decided to go around having babies!  No kidding!

You can call Marcella "Toothless" now.  In one night she lost both her front teeth-after she had gone to bed!  I'm downstairs after putting the kids to bed and Casey's out jogging.  Marcella comes down with the first tooth.  We get all the fixings set for a possible tooth fairy visit and she asks if she can stay up till Daddy comes home to show him.  I say sure and take my shower.  I come out of my shower and there is Casey.  He says Marcella has something to tell you-she lost the other tooth!

The Borrowers

The two older girls made the cutest little houses inspired by the book, "The Borrowers" by Mary Norton. This was my first Kindle book to read to the kids.  I love Kindle!  It is fabulous for those of us living in regions without expansive libraries and where books add shipping weight.

I read the book to all four kids actually and they all enjoyed it, although it did take a few chapters for everyone to get hooked.  As the chapters go one it becomes a suspenseful little read.  Anyways, about midway through Marcella and Theresa decided to make their own houses for their pipe cleaner people- almost everything was "borrowed" from their dollhouses!

Fizzy Art

We made some cool fizz art the other day: vinegar, baking soda, and food color on a pan.  I was most impressed by the twins' ability to use a syringe properly.  None of the kids tired of this and if I'd have let them, they would have gone on and on.  Unfortuantely, I ran out of pans.