Saturday, May 28, 2011

Something's in the Water

Casey had to go into Jeddah a few weeks ago for work and brought us back a New Fish Tank!!!  We had promised the girls they would get fish when we came here so we finally made good on that promise.  The girls had no clue that Daddy was bringing fish home and were ecstatic.  The fish names are Chester (gold), Calico(gold and white), and Thunder (sucker fish).  Unfortunately Chester dies two weeks ago but the other two are alive and well.  The kids love watching them swim around and still enjoy feeding them.  Watching a fish tank is almost as mesmerizing as watching fire.

The last photo is just a funny shot of some mom's I had over for a Mother's Day Tea.  I had no idea so many babies would be here!  There were other kids too, I just could not resist showing you guys the babies from seven different countries!  Currently there are over 80 pregnancies here in KAUST...something is definitely in the water or there is just nothing else to do...........