Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Annual KAUST 5K

We were able to partcipate in KAUST's annual 5K again this year.  Casey and I both finished under 35 minutes (each pushig a bike chariot).  Marcella jogged with us for about half of the way.  It was a cool morning and we had a lot of fun visiting after the run with other parents while the kids enjoyed some water fun and bouncy castles that recreation services put out.

We spent the afternoon relaxing: Marcella crashed on the couch, Theresa crafted, and the twins did dress up and puzzles. 


I recently put this end table in our foyer as a puzzle table- it has been great having a surface to work on puzzles without having to move the puzzle for eating or some other set up.  I brought several large puzzles back with us and am looking forward to keeping them out while we work on them for a few days.

Eleanor loves wearing her veil and long blue gown- she is our Fancy Nancy!

Marcella and the Kings

I had planned to purchase some gold wrapped alomond roccas to put out on Three Kings Day but Marcella surprised us by making a beautiful Three Kings box and placed all sorts of treasures inside including some of her St. Nick gold coins.  She did this all on her own in the morning not even knowing of my plan.  She also made us a lovely Playmobil Nativity.  Happy Three Kings Day!

Happy 2012

Well, we are all settled back into our KAUST routine.  The Christmas break was wonderful and so restful.  It was cold most of our visit and we are having cooler weather here as well.  It is great being able to wear long sleeves and pants and not break into a sweat.

From the pictures below you will see our hotel room in New York....we ended up having to stay a night there due to a flight change.  This surprise extended layover was actually quite fun for us- the kids loved being in a hotel and we got to take a nice taxi ride around Manhatten.  The airline paid for our hotel (two connecting rooms) and food which made the delay much more bearable.  The weather was below freezing the entire 24 hours of our layover so we triple layered the kids and myself while Casey braved the weather in short sleeves.  Hopefully, if this happens again, we will get to see New York under warmer conditions; Central Park looked fabulous but it was way too cold to enjoy this trip.

Our tomato plants were in full production upon our return and we are still enjoying them.  We have planted another round as well.  We love sprinkling them with our German rosemary salt.

Happy New Year everyone!

Christmas Eve

Double Tree Hotel-extended New York layover

taxiing around Manhatten below freezing

tomatoes round one

tomatoes round two