Tuesday, May 29, 2012

More Set Ups

The above masterpiece was created by Eleanor.  She chooses to lay out her set ups whereas Theresa at this age was more of a pile girl; both include numerous items, each meticulously placed.  This took over thirty minutes to create and only stopped because it was time for dinner.  We have noticed that her set ups mostly include the smallest of things from all toy themes- Playmobil, Fisher Price, and as above, Barbie accessories. 
This is just sweet.  All of our children have adored Dora and Diego. Granny and Grandpa have given the twins several Dora characters which we intend to bring back with us this summer because the twins had blast playing "Swiper" with their older cousins at Christmas.

I love how Barbie takes care of her little sisters.  Here she is with Stacie, having a nice picnic.

We all enjoy it when Mousie comes to breakfast!

Liesel has perfect table manners!

I think set ups with shoes are the cutest things. 
All of our children have used shoes for all sorts of transportation. 
I love watching them when they all have a shoe and go travelling through the house in their play.