Sunday, October 17, 2010

Beach Fun

On Friday we went to the beach again and had a fabulous time.  The tide was low and there were so many new things to see like jellyfish and crabs.  We saw so many hermit crabs in all sizes and we saw larger crabs.  We were all ready to depart and had made the trek to the showers when we discovered they were not working due to too much sand that the plumbing could not handle.  The attendants ushered us to the lovely beach bathrooms; typical of a public beach bathroom in the states only newer.  Well, neither the men's nor the women's showers were working.  I take that back, they were working but spraying water all over the place.  Instead of walking all the way back to the sea we decided just to go for it.  I must tell you Marcella had just given herself a nice sand bath before leaving the beach.  Anyways, we did a remarkable job of getting sand all over the bus and our house and ended up showering at home so I am expecting a nice plumbing overflow anyday now.  We also had to rinse the toys in our utility sink at home because our house (and all others in the Island District) have no hoses...

For some reason all the sand made me a little irritable and I just needed some time to myself so Casey took the kids to do some site seeing around campus.

Afterwards he made a fabulous Middle Eastern dinner of Red Snapper, Couscous Tabbouleh Salad, and fresh green beans with almonds.  It was fantastic- one of the best meals we've had.  After putting the kids to bed we watched another Star Wars episode.  We are making our way through all the episodes, in chronological order. 

We also went bowling for the for the first time this weekend.  It turned out to be a lot of fun and all the kids enjoyed it for about 45 minutes, which we thought was pretty good.  Casey and I actually got to play a real game in between helping the kids.  Eben and Theresa had the most fun, but Eleanor scored the highest.

Eben LOVED the shoes

Here we see Theresa anxiously watching her ball while Eben does a dance we call "The Theresa" because she initiated this move as a toddler.

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  1. The bowling looks like a blast! I need to take the girls again... they always have so much fun.