Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Eek Eek

Before we could take off from New York to Jeddah we had to wait for an hour on the run way due to "overcrowding."  Three previous flights to Jeddah had been cancelled due to rain there.  This flight was actually making two SA stops.  Luckily Jeddah was the first stop.  Our plane was supposed to leave at 8:00 pm NY time and the kids were all exhausted from travelling since 7:30 in the morning.  All but Marcella crashed before take off as we see below.  Marcella fell asleep soon after take off and actually did wear the eye covers for quite awhile.  You can also see Eleanor in her airplane bassinet.  I could not believe she slept in it again, but she did.  Theresa is so cute on the plane because she sleeps in this little ball.  The man next to her was a huge help.  He kept covering her up and let her put her head on his arm rest. 

The rains did not damage our house and all the plumbing was working fine but we did have a little visitor.  The first time I saw it was during the night and I thought it was an abnormally large roach.  The next morning Casey and Marcella stated that they had seen a very large ghecko and we should just leave it to eat bugs.  Then that afternoon there was no mistaking what it was, a mouse.  It was actually the cutest little thing, darting everywhere but we can't have this in the house so the pest people set their traps and later that night the little guy was caught.  He was so cute and tiny I really had to fight the urge to "put it in a cardboard box" as a pet.  The men came and took it away for "release" I was told and I will not pursue the matter.  The traps were left out for a few more days but that one little guy is the only one we had.  This picture does not do justice to his cuteness.  He was really a cute one.

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  1. Hi Christina, this is Jamie here. Glad to find your blog. I am trying to keep mine too, but I am not doing the job as good as you! Eek, there's a mouse in your house, emm, not a good news to us.