Sunday, September 4, 2011

Theresa's 5th Birthday!!!

We are back from Texas after an incredible summer filled with family fun and Schlitterbahn.  We landed on the 10th of August and took a few days to get over jet lag.  On the 18th we celebrated Theresa's 5th birthday!!!!!  She really wanted to go to the beach, so we did that in the morning and then the girls and I got dressed in party dresses for the rest of the day.  Our party game was hide and seek- these KAUST houses are perfect for this game.  Her meal was pizza and her cake was Granny's pineapple cake- delicious!

The last picture I had to add because I feel it is one of Theresa's most impressive piles ever- The Breyer Horse Pile.  She is still making her piles and this one included all our breyers and accessories as well as paper dolls, Barbies, and large plastic animals.  She worked on this the day after we returned.


  1. I'm loving that pile, Miss T.C.! Hugs to all, Aunt rita

  2. WOW she is looking so grown up.