Saturday, October 15, 2011

Germany Trip: Home Away From Home

Julia and Frank were so gracious by letting us stay in their house for our entire visit to Germany.  Little Annica was amazing in that she never complained of our kids taking over her room.  Thank you soooo much Lohs!!!!

Their house is actually a remodeled barn and they live in the "hayloft" or top floor.  Below them are two other families.  They have a lovely view of the surrounding area and Casey and I enjoyed having the windows open at night and the stillness.  We never get to open windows in KAUST due to dust and heat so a bit of fresh air was certainly welcomed.

You can walk to everything in Duttenhofen including a nearby lake and some stables.  There was this quaint little trail through a small wilderness filled with plum trees and we got to see several rabbits running about.  August was the perfect time of year to go visiting the area.

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