Sunday, November 20, 2011

Boat and Camel Rides

We recently had the opportunity to take a 40 minute boat ride around the KAUST Harbor and we finally got to ride camels!  The boat ride was our children's first on a real boat and they had a blast.  The crew provided life jackets and juice boxes, the weather was breezy and not too hot, so everyone was happy all around.

The following week KAUST sponsored a Family Barbecue night and we decided to actually ride the camels that are frequently brought to KAUST events.  We arrived early for this and did not have to wait long.  Casey rode with the girls and I rode with the twins.  Nobody cried although it was a little scary as the camel rose since she stands her back legs up first causing us on  her back to fall forward.  The ride was very bumpy as well but I'm glad we finally got on one.  It's a little sad for the camel because they are constantly having to get up and down, after about an hour children could only ride without an adult because the camels were getting too tired and adults would have been too heavy- very sad.  I should correct myself here, we actually rode one humpers- dromedaries- not camels which have two humps although when I looked dromedary up in the dictionary it said that they are also called Arabian camels!

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