Saturday, December 3, 2011

Daddy's Lab

During our EID Break we were able to finally have our private tour of Casey's lab.  We were all very impressed and are happy to now be able to picture Daddy's work in our minds better.

First we signed in...

then we put on safety goggles.
Eben loved to "Bumpy Table" which is used to steady ones' hands when doing experiements.

Here we are learning about the numbers on gas containers.

Here we are learning about experiemnts which must be done in clean air.
Pilsbury Dough Clean Room Daddy - WE LOVE OUR DADDY!!!!

And here we are experimenting with the sticky mat placed at the entrance to the Clean Room. 
This was a fascinating mat for the kids.

After the tour we let the kids run around campus and explore such things as.....
Spiral Couches

Comfy PoPo Chairs

And Odd B--t Chairs

Never a dull moment with our Daddy and his lab.

Here is a little Therresa funny:  Her classroom Teaching Assistant recently left the school to work at the university.  The art teacher asked Theresa where Ms. Jessica went, and Theresa said "She went to work for the Universe" in all seriousness- too cute!

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