Friday, August 31, 2012

First Day of School

Here are our cute girls ready to begin a new school year.  Marcella is starting third grade and Theresa first. 

Theresa is actually being homeschooled this year.  Homeschooling is the direction we will be heading upon our return to Texas in a year or two so we decided to go ahead and begin that journey now rather than with all four at one time.  It is a great fit for our family and Theresa has expressed an interest in it and so far is enjoying herself. 

Marcella stayed within the KAUST school system and was actually placed with most of the same children as last year.  We were so happy for this because her peers are all motivated learners and help Marcella challenge herself.


  1. Hi! What made you decide for homeshchooling? In my country we do not have that option, but I would love to know why some families prefer this type of education.
    Love your blog!!!!

  2. would be a real pleasure fucking them both.