Saturday, December 11, 2010


Our shipment finally arrived on the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It was so much fun to have the truck finally pull into our driveway!  We had not told the girls that it was coming in case it was another mistake, but the phone call came at 3:30 that the truck was at KAUST's gate.  The first item off was Theresa's dollhouse but she and Marcella had eyes only for their long lost Barbie's, which followed soon after!  We spent all week unpacking and each day the girls and twins were reunited with their things.  We had thought the twins would have forgotten some of the toys, but you could tell they remebered and even started asking for specifics like the fisher price people when the fisher price house came down.

 Here is our cardboard kitchen- fully equipped with old playhouse toys.  This has been so nice to have in the kitchen now.  Both twins love cooking with Mommy and Daddy and going shopping. 
Another finally was Marcella losing her first tooth.  This tooth has been wanting to come out for about two weeks now and it finally broke loose this same morning.  She was ecstatic!

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