Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Sand Storm, Sand Blast

I have decided to take a few minutes to show everyone some recent sand storm pictures.  These are not of the actual storm itself but rather they are what the storm leaves behind: fine sand everywhere.  We have been having these storms two to three times a week now.  I feel like most of them have been on a Tuesday or Sunday, the two days we do Story Time, or a play group day.  At first I was staying at home, but I quickly realized that these storms are a part of life and as my neighbor pointed out one day while I was contemplating venturing out or not, "you just have to get used to it."  Casey brought home masks from the lab and we keep these and sunglasses at the ready (thank you Granny for equipping us with so many great pairs!) and go forth to brave the sand.  Anyways, here is what our front and back porches look like after a storm has blown through.

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