Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Twins Turn Two!!!!!

Our little Twinners are two!!!!  Incredible.  I love the two year old stage.  I love the way they talk and see the world in such a simple way.  Little things like walking down the stairs fascinate them.  They are pure innocence enjoying small steps towards greater independence. 

Our playgroup/story time friends had a little celebration for the twins after story time on Tuesday, Feb. 1 (this was their actual birthday).  We enjoyed cupcakes, singing, and good company.  This is a fabulous group of mothers and we really look forward to the time we get to spend with them.  The twins have really come away from their shyness with others and interact more.  At home we often talk of their little friends too.  Both twins have just recently begun to speak of their friends with correct names like Omar, Corban and Saif.  One little girl, Leila, is a favorite with Eleanor.  Eleanor loves her shoes and dresses and says how pretty little Leila is.  During the story time for youngers we sit in a circle and sing a hello song where we address each child individually.  The twins love to repeat this song during lunch.  One mother is very creative and made the twins the cutest little rabbit birthday cards.  The rabbits were small stuffed animals and fit perfectly in little James Avery jewlery pouches.  So cute.  Eleanor loves to sit with her legs crossed as you'll see in the second picture.

We chose to celebrate the twins birthday at home on the second because this was our last day of the work week for us and we knew we would be staying up later than usual.  The twins had a star and moon cake (they love pointing out the moon and stars) and we made little signs symbolizing their favorite nursery rhymes and songs like a school bus for Wheels on the Bus and a spider for Itsy, Bitsy Spider.  Here are some pictures from the party.  We named their new dolls from Oma "Adam and Anna."  These were the two names we had been considering with the names we chose, Eben and Eleanor, for the twins.  Look at the joy on Eben's face as he opens the Big Yellow Dump Truck from Tante Lisa.  Also notice them playing with their birthday rings.  The twins spent hours (ok, minutes each day) setting these up.  It turned out to be a great toy for them!  Marcella's gift touched me the most.  She gave Eleanor her Annabel doll.  This is the sock doll we made while waiting for our shipment.  She gave Eben a piece of "working on it" wood (this came from her braiding board-she cut off the ribbons) and various tools from our dress up accessories bin. 

We're Two!!

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