Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Free Wheelin'

We are sooooo proud of our girls!  BOTH of them have just recently taken their training wheels off!!!  About two weeks ago Marcella finally decided to have them off.  She really had not been using them at all but needed them on for a confidence boost.  She was so proud of herself for actually making the decision to have them off.  Next week she turns 7 so this was a big six-year-old milestone for her to overcome.

Well Theresa was not to be outdone and as soon as Marcella's were off she wanted hers off as well.  She was having some issues with putting her foot down for stopping so we worked on that and just this past weekend she was off on her own!  Theresa is only 4 1/2 and I think this is the earliest that any of us have been able to bike (by us I mean Tantes and cousins).  She is so cute because she likes to wear the gloves, knee pads, and elbow pads.  I think these will be off soon though because her confidence is up- she was doing some standing on the peddles biking yesterday evening.

From the last picture you'll see that Eben showing off on his motorcycle (it's actually Eleanor's but he prefers her purple to his red).

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