Monday, March 14, 2011

March Madness

It has been ages since Theresa has made one of her "piles."  Well, the other day she was at it constructing one we labeled "The Dollie Tower."  Note the 18" doll base- clever girl!

The picture of the twins was amazing.  Marcella practices her facts each morning on the couch using Flashmaster.  Earlier this week the twins were playing with their play kitchen and kept saying what I thought was "fats, fats..."  I had no idea what they were meaning.  Then they both ran into the living room and got up on the couch and both said "I'm doing my fats."  They had taken the little play burners (there are two sets) and were pretending these were their flashmasters.  They made all the right sounds and everything.  It was the cutest thing.

The last picture is after Marcella and Theresa got their Fancy Nancy Manicures.  I decided to treat Theresa to a manicure with Marcella.  They both received a full manicure and beautiful, flowery nail polishing.  Afterwards I took them out to lunch - Ladies Morning Out. 

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  1. That looks sweet... a girls day out sounds fun. Paul gave all us gals pedicures after we returned from camping...
    We all got the full treatment. It is nice to be pampered!