Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A Belated St. Patrick's Day

I was just perusing my pictures and realized I have not yet written about our St. Patrick's Day.  The day before the 17th I invited the moms over for a St. Patrick's Day tea which was a lot of fun.  I was most impressed by the twins- they had no problems sharing their toys.  I had prepared zucchini bread muffins and green dyed rice krispie treats as well as grapes and kiwis.  It was a lovely morning and most everybody wore green.  Next year I need to remember to take a group kid picture because all the kids looked adorable in their green outfits.  One mother had brought the most refreshing lemonade.  It was a blended mixture of lemonade made from concentrate and mint.  We all loved it and the best part was she gave me a bottle to share with my family.  I'll definitely be making the drink in Texas this summer. Our dinner on St. Patrick's Day was Oma's scrumptious Shepherd's Pie and Oatmeal Bread with Shamrock Cookies for dessert.

Here are the twins waiting for their guests:


  1. Sounds like fun. We were having our spring break campout this year for St. Pat's day. I hope you guys are doing well. We look forward to seeing you this summer.

  2. The boys and I had a great time, thanks so much for hosting us all. :)