Friday, April 15, 2011

The Very Hungry Caterpillar

This story has a sad ending, but it was a nice experience for us nonetheless.  For about a week we had a little caterpillar friend stay with us.  Casey found him in a bell pepper.  The little guy must have entered the pepper while it was still in another continent- maybe North America!  Anyways, we found the tiny whole it had made to get inside.  Luckily he was not damaged during the food prep stage so we placed him in a clear plastic container and enjoyed him for about a week.  He ate lettuce and bell pepper quite heartily during this time but then one morning he was dead.  Our assumption is that one of the vegetables we placed inside the container was contaminated, although we had rinsed them first.  We were all a little sad to have to bury him, but it was fun watching him while we could.


  1. Hello, very interesting to read about KAUST. Would you be able to talk more about:
    cost of living, (for a single and for a family of 3)
    driving around- i.e. getting driving license,
    photography in general(how restrictive is to take photos)
    hijab - in some photos in Jeddah I noticed you weren't wearing any - could you elaborate more, as i am planning to come over with my spouse.
    school, kindergarden for children,
    travelling in anad out of KAUST,
    how developed is this place now, as last time I checked in 2009 it was booming.
    17and much more.
    thank you in advance.

  2. Poor little guy...RIP hungry caterpillar