Saturday, April 9, 2011

IKEA Bus Trip

Well, we finally made it to IKEA in Jeddah.  We decided to take the bus over the girls' Spring Break.  The store here is just like IKEAs elsewhere except on the particular day we went they were out of meatballs and only had chicken nuggets for the kids.  This was a little bummer because I has been looking forward to the Swedish meatballs.  The coffee was fantastic and we got free refills!  The girls loved looking at all the setups.  We let each child select one item- Marcella chose a mat for the base of her bunkbed ladder, Theresa chose some artificial zinnias, and Eben and Eleanor got a little red fox music box.  We had a nice time but most likely will not need to return- it's much more pleasant visiting the IKEA in Austin if we feel the IKEA urge again.  Jeddah is like Juarez, MX with an Aston Martin dealership.

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