Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The World Around Us

The weather has been so pleasant lately that I decided to share a few random outdoor pictures.  We have only had two or three real hot days.  Mostly it has been low nineties high eighties and always a breeze.  This allows us to enjoy eating outdoors and enjoying the sites around us such as the harbor area where the beacon is.  In one of the pictures below you will even see the beacon lit, which is rare. 

Below you will also see our one vegetable product: a sugar snap pea!  We really did not put much effort into gardening this year, but may do more next year.

I have also included an adorable story time picture.  The kids are so cute when they sit in the little red chairs.  Many are just now getting old enough to sit through an entire story time on their own.  It has been so rewarding to see how all the children have grown this past year. The little boy on Eleanor's left arrived here when we did.  I'll never forget meeting them and all of us being a little overwhelmed with blood tests, id badges, and the like.  I still do story times here twice a week.  On Sundays we have 0-18 month olds and call this "Mother Goose Time."  Tuesdays are for 2 and 3 year olds and it is simply "Toddler Time." 

The last picture just cracks us up.  We did not inspect the barrel too closely to confirm its label....

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