Tuesday, February 14, 2012

After Breakfast....

After breakfast the twins got to open their gifts from their sisters.  All the gifts were made from the heart with lots of love!

Marcella made Eben the sweetest little Gingerbread Boy from air-dry clay.  It is much like a paper doll in that Eben can dress the Gingerbread Boy and take on and off eyes and buttons.

Marcella also gave Eben a wand- he loves to do "Turn!" magic!

For Eleanor, Marcella made a beautiful Butterfly Mobile to hang over her crib.  It is made from coffee filters.

Theresa gave Eben and adorable little man with eyes that can turn into hearts!

For Eleanor, Theresa found a great triangle rock and painted it to be a pizza for the play kitchen!

Then she made them a cool spotting scope for when we play Bruja or pirates.

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