Friday, February 10, 2012

Twins Third Birthday, Part One-Morning

The twins had such an enormous time celebrating their third birthday I have decided to post the big week day in several postings.  The theme was Hansel and Gretel and Casey and I had so much trouble fun designing and making a gingerbread house for each twin.  The girls had a blast helping us make candy decorations.  We had so many firsts for the twins in the days leading up to the Big Three like scissors and more importantly Potty Training! 

The day after their birthday we put them in underpants and after four days the accidents greatly decreased and we now we feel the twins are trained.   We still have an occasional poopy accident but they both tell us regularly when they need to pee.  Potty training twins was definitely another multiples hurdle- some days I felt I spent the entire day in the bathroom and then there is still the bathroom congestion after meals-especially when the girls are home.  It's like clockwork- everybody has to go and then we find the entire family in the bathroom and no one wants to use the upstairs-it's very entertaining!

All right, now I'll return to The Big Day!  Along with all the great Hansel and Gretel decorations, we surprised the twins with new Thomas and Dora plates and cups at breakfast.  Here was another twin first- they get to use their cups at our water cooler.  We still use sippies at the table and everwhere else, but now the twins can use their cups in the kitchen if they want a nice cool drink of water from our cooler- this is big stuff!

Oddly enough, the twins' birthday was my last day of work at the ECC due to some issues with KAUST and them refusing to pay daycare costs despite the fact that I have a signed contract saying they would.  My salary does not cover the cost of two in daycare so I had to reluctantly stop work.  Casey stayed at home for this special day and got to take the twins to Theresa's Rock Adventures Open House.  

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