Sunday, October 2, 2011

Behavior Bubbles

Theresa filled her Good Behavior Chart at school up with stickers and as a reward got some fabulous bubbles.  She was very excited about this whole chart and talked about it all month.  She was very good at reporting who was dong a good job on class and who was not.  We had discussed what colors were available and she was delighted to get yellow- the color close to her favorite- orange!  The night she brought them home we had a bubble party in the living room.  They were great bubbles, the kind that make a lot that is.

I've also included a "Tool Time Eb" picture in this set.  He decided to go to work on his Number 8 one day after Building Blocks and worked so much on his car that he missed snack even.  He got his toolbox down and car turned over all by himself and was so happy fixing it.  Later his sisters joined in as well.

Last you'll see our Michaelmas picture.  We read the story of St. Michael and made Devil's Food Cake cupcakes and had fun stabbing them as the Archangel Michael did with Lucifer (idea taken from Shower of Roses.

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