Sunday, October 2, 2011

Germany Trip: Koeln

Julia and Frank had a wedding to go to in Aachen, which is near Koeln, so we decided to visit the spectacular cathedral on our way home.  This was probably a mistake because Eben threw his biggest tantrum of the entire Germany trip in Koeln and then the girls were a little afraid to be inside the was a little dark and the tall ceilings with arches and such were quite intimidating.  My vision of coffee outside the catherdal did not happen, but we still were happy to have had the opportunity to visit the grand cathedral.  The girls also got to see the people statues and we took a nice picture of the St. Peter's Fountain outside the cathedral for Marcella's First Communion Notebook.  We do not have a picture of the street orchestra we heard playing "Pachelbel's Cannon" or the Egyptian ruins on display, but these were also two impressionable sites we saw.

The final picture was actually taken in Aachen.  Only in Germany will one see a kiosk selling not only cigarettes and beer, but also GUMMIES!!!!!

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