Saturday, October 8, 2011

Belated First Day of School!

I was running through my pictures and realized I have not posted the girls' First Day of School pictures so here they are.  Both girls are havng a fantastic year and we are so happy with both of their teachers.  Marcella has a Mr. O'Sullivan from Ireland and Theresa has a Ms. Barrington from Fredericksburg, Texas!!!!  I guess we call it "Luck of the Irish" this year!  In addition to everything to do with 2nd grade, Marcella is taking piano for the first time and has joined the elementary school choir.  In addition to all that comes with being in Kindergarten, Theresa is taking swim lessons. 

The twins are doing so well now in Building Blocks.  It took about three weeks for them to finally settle in but now they go without a fuss and have become active participants in circle time and crafts as well as other fun things.  There are four teachers in their classroom: Alizza, Romana, Irene, and Sheila.  Eben adores Ms. Sheila and calls her "My Ms. Sheila."  I am fortunate enough to have Alizza's two children come to me at the ECC library and they are so sweet!  It is nice to be in such a small community where everyone mingles in all we do! 

The last three pictures were taken during Ramadan which was the week before school started.  KAUST had set up and "Old Town Saudi Arabia" scene and had put up festive lights in Discovery Square. 

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